Monday, September 30, 2013

Timo Tuesdays

(Originally published Tuesday 9/24)

Over the weekend Timo got his first little cold. Saturday night he woke up with a super stuffy and congested nose. He was happy as a clam though and his usual smiley self. Even though he had no fever, was eating fine and was generally happy, I took him to the Dr Monday morning. We like Timo's doctor, Dr. Nash, a lot. He's very relaxed and casual and approachable, plus his office is right next door. Literally, we can see his office window from Timo's bedroom window. 

I've always been really skeeved out by boogers and snot. The sound of someone hawking a loogie (sp?) is enough to make me gag. I worried how I would handle wiping my own kids' noses since I tend to gag at the thought of snot. Amazingly, I was all over Timo's nose. I whipped out the aspirator and did my best to suck out that snot. I picked his boogies with my own hands and wiped his nose with my own shirt sleeve when nothing else was around. Basically, I handled that ish. I handled it way better than I thought I could. 

I guess at some point your motherly instincts kick in and you power through. Probably the same way I'm able to get up multiple times a night for feedings and still function the next day. Or continue to breast feed despite super sore nipples. You just power through it all for that little light of your life. 

After our run this morning we went to Cuddle Club at the Walnut Creek library. I was invited by a new friend I met, Erin. She has been so awesome and has invited Timo and I to all kinds of stuff. I'm very grateful to her since Stroller Strides hasn't really turned into the social outlet I was hoping for. I've been plugged into two new groups thanks to her. 

Anyway, Timo slept through Cuddle Club so we didn't get to sing songs and read stories and socialize with the other babies and moms (and one dad- I still breast fed there without the modesty cape. I'm using it less and less- it's just annoying.) After Cuddle Club we picked up sandwiches from this deli called Brass Bear. This was your typical east coast style deli, and by that I mean small and narrow. We made quite a scene when 5 of us with babies and strollers paraded in during the lunch rush. Of course eventually all the babies had a melt down. Luckily we got our sandos to go and went and ate at the park down the street. We spread out blankets, let the babies roll around and ate. Of course, good ol Timo fell asleep in the Ergo (melt down in stroller led to being carried in the Ergo which led to nap time) so I ate while he slept on me. Eventually he woke up and was able to socialize a bit. 

All in all it was a lovely day!

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