Friday, January 29, 2010

Obsession of the Moment: Kitchen Linens!

Kitchen linens: fun to say and look at! Linens can add a lot to a room and pack a serious punch. Whether a table cloth, table runner, napkins, placemats, hand towels, tea towels, or even aprons- they are all functional but extremely fashionable as well. My kitchen walls are a lovely shade of beige which coordinate beautifuly with my beige cabinets and beige countertops. I purposely hung my aprons on the wall to add color. I used a tea towel to hang over my tiny window and bright hand towels drape over my fridge handle. Pot holders hang on the side of my cupboards- easy access and fun to look at :)
Here are a few kitchen linens I saw on the internet (thank you yet again) and am currently coveting......

check out some AWESOME tea towels at

Antique stores often have lots of awesome linens in all sorts of vintage prints and colors. I picked up a few great things this past weekend. Pictures coming soon!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Do it myself? I was on the Anthropologie website ( checking out their knobs since I've been wanting to put new knobs on a couple dressers we have. (Although, with the cheapest ones being $6.00 each, I am not so sure this will be happening soon). ANYWAY- while on the site I came across an adorable hook that I think could easily be made at home.

I have some old silverware that I think I could make this with. I have a hook in my kitchen that I use to hang my aprons on. I imagine it couldn't be too hard to solder (or just super-glue maybe?) the spoons onto it. I think I might do a fork and a spoon instead of two spoons. How CUTE!?

Our First Christmas

Although it was a little anti-climactic, it was very peaceful. Mike went and got the tree and I decorated it with the help of my friends while we baked Christmas cookies. I didnt go out and buy lots of decorations. I decided I want to let our Christmas tree accumulate decorations over the years as gifts or things our kids make. So this year our tree was a little sparse. But I liked it that way. We received a few "Our First Christmas" ornaments, we picked one up in Antigua on our honeymoon, and a few others we happened to have.

The tree

The honeymoon ornament

A "First Christmas" ornament from Jaime. It was a bell and ended up as the tree topper!

A nativity ornament from Sarah. She said I needed to have a "Chreche" which she explained is a nativity scene (she's so knowledgable).

This was from Mike's co-workers at USLI. It is a Lenox "First Christmas" ornament.

This one is from Mrs. Logan :)

For the tree-skirt, I used a quilt I made a few years ago and never finished. It is green, red, white and brown and looked great as a tree skirt. Now that I've found a new purpose for it I doubt I'll ever get around to adding the back and finishing this quilt!
Next are some pictures Ashley, Jaime, Sarah and I in the kitchen making cookies!

Jaime wore her festive attire :)

In the middle of making sugar cookies I realized I didnt have a rolling pin! I cleverly used a tall pasta jar, covered it in flour and used it to roll out the dough. It worked but a rolling pin would have been much better.