Monday, May 27, 2013

Kelsey vs Food

I feel the need to follow up on my last post. I hope I didn’t come across too negative about my pregnancy, especially the part about all the questions. I know people only ask because they care and are happy and excited for me. The care and encouragement is appreciated!
However, another question I frequently get that I forgot to mention is “Do you have any cravings?” or “Are you craving any weird foods” For some reason I find this question to be particularly annoying. Maybe just because I feel like I get it the most and it’s usually from males who don’t know what else to ask. Or, maybe it’s that my answer is “No I still crave the same crappy unhealthy food I did before” which I feel guilty about.
If I had a facebook-esque relationship status with food it'd be "it's complicated." I’ve never been a particularly healthy eater. In fact some might find me to be a particularly unhealthy eater. Mike and I don’t like many of the same vegetables. So, as a consequence, I don’t buy them. Additionally, I really don’t enjoy cooking very much so we end up eating a lot of frozen pizzas or “picking up” fast food on our way home from work at least once a week (yes, GASP! this includes McDonalds)
Since living in California, I’ve started to succumb to the peer pressure of eating healthy. And by that I mostly just mean feeling guilty about eating unhealthfully.  I recently started putting frozen spinach on my frozen pizzas…. that’s good right? I also started buying Kashi frozen pizzas because they put flax seed in the crust… which I hear is good? I joined a CSA of sorts through the company I work for which was good for a while. But it was just SO MUCH salad mix and vegetables it always went bad before eating it all. Plus, I was getting vegetables that I didn’t even know what they were. I'd ask my vegan co-workers, "Hey what the heck is this?" "Oh, that's kale" So I look up recipes with kale which require 17 other ingrediants I dont already have in my cupboards. So, forget it. These uber healthy organic veggies rotted in my fridge. Needless to say, I quit the program.
I work for a health IT company where the CEO has always been adamant about having healthy food in the office. He’s recently really cracked down on this. On Friday’s we have catered lunches which is frequently just a giant salad bar that is brought in with all kinds of toppings. The last salad bar had the following items removed- bacon bits, croutons and ranch dressing. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to make me eat a pile of raw vegetables for lunch, you best let me pour ranch dressing all up on it.
But I get it. If the company is paying for our food, they should decide what it is. And I appreciate them making healthy choices for me, since I clearly cannot do it for myself. But now that I’m pregnant, I actually have guilt about my bad eating habits because I feel like I’m giving my son a pre-disposition to junk food. I have a friend who feeds her baby the most healthy stuff I’ve ever seen. It’s seriously amazing: pureed purple cabbage, avocado, sweet potato, beets, squash…. She’s literally only had breast milk and fruits and vegetables for her whole first year of life. No dairy, no grains, its impressive. I can’t imagine it’ll take long before I toss my kid a sack of cheerios in the back seat “Hey special buddy stop crying! Here, eat these cheerios! They’re yummy little carbs with a hole in the middle so you can still breathe if you swallow it whole, yay!”
I’ll worry about what to feed him later. But with regards to my own eating habits, I’ve found a common theme among the foods I tend to “crave” the most: they end in O.
Cheerios (cereal)
… buenos
I’ve been trying to make a somewhat concerted effort to eat “better” by balancing my bad foods with good foods. So, while I’ll still eat the Oreos, I’ll force myself to have some carrot sticks or red pepper slices first….sometimes. Or, I try to limit my soda intake to weekends only…sometimes. I also drink a LOT of water which, in my mind, “cleanses” out all the bad stuff. (Is that some self-fed BS or what?)
I feel like I’m the only one who eats unhealthy food anymore, especially out here in California. And it’s not so much that I like unhealthy food, but that I dislike healthy food. “What? You don’t like beets!? Beets are SO delicious!” NO! NO THEY ARE NOT! Beets fundamentally do not taste better than meat with melted cheese on it. I go out to lunch with my coworkers and everyone gets a strawberry, fig, beet and goat cheese salad and I’m the only one getting the cheeseburger. I’m a lone wolf.... in a pack of lettuce eating turtles*
At my last pregnancy check-up appointment, the doctor said to me, "You haven't gained one ounce that isn't baby." So, I went to In-n-Out burger for dinner. Maybe it will actually take some physcial consequences for me to change my ways. But until then, I'll just keep doing what I've been doing my whole life: eat what I want, sprinkle in some veggies now and then, take my vitamins and expect nothing to change. What could go wrong? My metabolism won't change, right?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Pregnant Life

Today I am 33 weeks pregnant. I have a month to go until I'm considered "full term" and 7 weeks until my due date, July 7.

Here are some things I've learned, encountered and experienced so far.

The Questions: 
I thought I was asked the same questions over and over when I was engaged to be married... pregnancy tops that a thousand fold. I feel like a broken record saying the following things over and over:

-Yes I am pregnant
-July 7
-A boy
-Yes I'm excited
-Yes Mike is excited too
-Getting there, but they say you're never really ready
-First name is decided but still working on the middle name (I've come to realize this is a VERY nosy question to ask and will refrain from asking pregnant ladies this question from now on. It's very personal and really none of anyone's business)
-Feeling pretty good, although it is becoming increasingly difficult and uncomfortable to do normal things. (...this is my quick and polite answer)
- Thank you, yea I've been pretty lucky so far, it's all going to the belly (...this is really just a complement and I should be grateful. But I suppose you get sick of saying anything after a while)

Things that are harder to do: 
Now that I've gained about 25 pounds which is all projecting in mass from my abdomen, the following tasks have become quite difficult:

1. Getting up: from a chair, a couch, bed, the floor, out of a car. When I get up too fast or awkwardly, I end up straining some ab muscle/ligament/tendon thing that ends up really hurting- which brings me to my next difficult task...

2. Moving: My stamina for walking is just pathetic. I'm legitimately concerned that I am not in good enough physical condition to give birth. I get so winded and wiped out from walking the 4 blocks from the train station to the office (although it is uphill) that I wonder if I'll be able to open the door to the building when I get there. Then of course is the back ache, hip pain and knee soreness that accompanies the windedness that makes my morning commute just a real pleasure cruise.
*Not to mention, my pregnant lady "waddle" is emphasized by my already bowed legs (which i think are becoming more bowed from the new weight gain)

3. Bending over: Putting on shoes, socks, pants, undies, etc is a bit of an ordeal. I either have to sit on the edge of the bed and cross my foot up onto my other leg (like a chubby grandpa) or sit on the floor. I can't just stand, bend over and step into pants anymore because I tip over due to aforementioned 25lb bulk that is precisely between my arms and my legs causing my center of balance to cease to exist.

Random acts of crying:
I've always been a bit emotional but lately it's been harder to keep it contained. Most notably, the other day I was watching Beyonce live in concert on TV.  She was so cool, and strong and awesome and made me cry. Yes, Beyonce singing "Single Ladies" put me over the edge.
Just imagine what hail storm of emotion will be unleashed when this little guy actually comes out and I see him for the first time.... oh jeez here come the waterworks again. NEXT TOPIC QUICK!

The Bathroom. My new home:
Holy cow do I go a lot. I counted the other day, it was in the 30's including the trips throughout the night.

Also, in public restrooms, I have a hard time shutting the stall door because my belly gets in the way. So, I've started using the handicap stall...because yes this counts as a handicap now.

The other weekend I was laughing super hard while sitting indian style on the floor in the nursery watching Mike bewilderingly put up a curtain rod over what he considered a window too tiny to bother with a curtain. And while laughing so hard, maybe a little pee came out.  I also sneezed the other day and maybe a little pee came out then too.

Shout outs!
On that arduous walk from the train station to the office I've been the recipient of some wonderful comments from the local Tenderloin homeless.
"It's almost time!"
"It's too hot to be walkin' around lady!"
"You gon' have yo baby today!?"
"You have a safe delivery now ma'm"

In all honesty though, I really can't complain. I've had a pretty smooth pregnancy and I know many others have it much more difficult- God love ya!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lacy's Tattoos

I received an "anonymous" comment on an older post Kelsey Logan: Hand Model

The comment was from my favorite Father-in-Law, Mr. Tim (aka Spoons).

Who am I to deny my loyal fans?
So, on my last visit to Pinkies Nail Salon I asked Lacy for a few pics and she sent me the following:

Aren't they cool?

She's a very colorful character and I enjoy chatting with her during our appointments. Here is a picture of her in her new lavender wig. She LOVES it and won't tell anyone where she got it because she's afraid someone else will get it and copy her. She's an original for sure. 

You can follow her on Instagram @lacylove_

Coming up next time.....
The Pregnant Life

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meeting Seeing Dulce Candy

I did not realize how many people were going to show up for this thing. And by people, I specifically mean 12-25 year old Latinas and their moms. By the time my friend Kim and I wrapped up our luxurious brunch at Cafe Claude in downtown San Francisco and sauntered over to the cosmetics department at Macy's, the line to see Dulce Candy (not her internet name, but her for real name) was out the door and around the block. The event started at 2:00, and although we were on time, we were late.

Inside was mayhem. There was a DJ spinning hot loud beats, like in a club or an Abercrombie and Fitch store. As Kim and I found our way through the chaotic cosmetics department to the "check-in" line Dulce Candy and her entourage walked RIGHT BY US! I made eye contact and smiled open-mouth grinned like a child on Christmas morning. Dulce, understandably, quickly averted eye contact and continued on her way to the stage.

While waiting in the check-in line we were given our tiaras and served mini cupcakes with Benfit and Dulce Candy logos.

Logo is from her blog:
The cupcake was just okay.

I was excited.
Note: dangly earrings for special occasion
Also, this is how I smiled at Dulce.

After checking in, we were told to go pick out Benefit products to buy with the $35 Macy's card we purchased as tickets when signing up for the event. Kim had her make-up done while I picked out mascara and an  under-eye concealer called "Erase Paste" - I am quite pleased with both products. 

Kim getting her make-up done.

I have to hand it to Kim. She had never heard of Dulce Candy but was still up for coming to this weird event. She was a total sport about the whole thing. Thanks for coming and humoring me Kim!

While she got her make-up done, I wandered around and took pictures:

Dulce Candy (sparkly dress- in case you weren't sure) with her fans.

Ridiculously long line #notforpregnantladies

 Me "with" Dulce Candy

Cute swag we scored #dulcecandytotebag

All in all it was pretty cool. I definitely felt silly being there in a paper tiara, especially as a grown ass pregnant lady. But hey, YOLO!

Coming up next: A response to the request to see my nail tech's tats! #spoons :)