Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lacy's Tattoos

I received an "anonymous" comment on an older post Kelsey Logan: Hand Model

The comment was from my favorite Father-in-Law, Mr. Tim (aka Spoons).

Who am I to deny my loyal fans?
So, on my last visit to Pinkies Nail Salon I asked Lacy for a few pics and she sent me the following:

Aren't they cool?

She's a very colorful character and I enjoy chatting with her during our appointments. Here is a picture of her in her new lavender wig. She LOVES it and won't tell anyone where she got it because she's afraid someone else will get it and copy her. She's an original for sure. 

You can follow her on Instagram @lacylove_

Coming up next time.....
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  1. Thanks for not denying your loyal fans of pics of the tats. You must get that wig for yourself.
    How do you pronounce Dulce ? Were you ( and friend Kim ) the only non Latina at the event ?

  2. You're welcome! Dulce is pronounced "Dull-Say"
    Kim and I were not the only non-Latina girls there, but we were certainly the minority!