Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meeting Seeing Dulce Candy

I did not realize how many people were going to show up for this thing. And by people, I specifically mean 12-25 year old Latinas and their moms. By the time my friend Kim and I wrapped up our luxurious brunch at Cafe Claude in downtown San Francisco and sauntered over to the cosmetics department at Macy's, the line to see Dulce Candy (not her internet name, but her for real name) was out the door and around the block. The event started at 2:00, and although we were on time, we were late.

Inside was mayhem. There was a DJ spinning hot loud beats, like in a club or an Abercrombie and Fitch store. As Kim and I found our way through the chaotic cosmetics department to the "check-in" line Dulce Candy and her entourage walked RIGHT BY US! I made eye contact and smiled open-mouth grinned like a child on Christmas morning. Dulce, understandably, quickly averted eye contact and continued on her way to the stage.

While waiting in the check-in line we were given our tiaras and served mini cupcakes with Benfit and Dulce Candy logos.

Logo is from her blog:
The cupcake was just okay.

I was excited.
Note: dangly earrings for special occasion
Also, this is how I smiled at Dulce.

After checking in, we were told to go pick out Benefit products to buy with the $35 Macy's card we purchased as tickets when signing up for the event. Kim had her make-up done while I picked out mascara and an  under-eye concealer called "Erase Paste" - I am quite pleased with both products. 

Kim getting her make-up done.

I have to hand it to Kim. She had never heard of Dulce Candy but was still up for coming to this weird event. She was a total sport about the whole thing. Thanks for coming and humoring me Kim!

While she got her make-up done, I wandered around and took pictures:

Dulce Candy (sparkly dress- in case you weren't sure) with her fans.

Ridiculously long line #notforpregnantladies

 Me "with" Dulce Candy

Cute swag we scored #dulcecandytotebag

All in all it was pretty cool. I definitely felt silly being there in a paper tiara, especially as a grown ass pregnant lady. But hey, YOLO!

Coming up next: A response to the request to see my nail tech's tats! #spoons :)

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