Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meeting DulceCandy

Dulce Candy (her online name) is an internet beauty/fashion guru. It's hard to explain my... fine I'll admit it... infatuation with Dulce Candy.  I suppose it all started back in 2008 when Mike and I first got engaged and started planning our wedding. I wanted to do my own makeup and was scouring YouTube for makeup tutorials. Eventually I came across DulceCandy87's YouTube channel.

At the time when I started watching her, she was a mechanic in the US Army and had just returned from serving in Iraq. She bragged that her pack box was heavier than anyone else's because it was full of beauty magazines. Her early videos were low quality, web-cam style home videos in a dark messy bedroom (of which she proudly gave a video tour)

(circa 2009)

Today Dulce Candy, is a bonefied YouTube Guru, specializing in all things beauty related: hair, make-up, fashion, nail-care, etc. Now, her videos are pretty much professional productions. She is flown to major cities (NYC, Paris) for product launches, magazine shoots, etc. and companies mail her products to review on her YouTube channel. She has her own online clothing store, has ads all over her blog and youtube channel and does appearances.

Homegirl has made it. Big time.

For those of you that know me, you know I'm not particularly "high maintenance" when it comes to hair and make-up etc. I just don't care to spend the time on all that unless I'm going to some fancy shindig like the annual company holiday party or someone's wedding....that's about it. Because of this, buying make-up and hair products feel like a waste of money to me.

So why do I follow Dulce Candy on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, her blog and her online store?

And why am I SUPER FREAKING EXCITED to meet her when she comes to San Francisco this weekend for a "millionth subscriber" meet and greet celebration event at the Benefit Brow Bar in Macy's in Union Square?

Why I thought you'd never ask, I'll tell you why.

It partly has to do with the sound of her voice, then her unintentional hilariousness, and finally all the pretty things she has.

I find her voice very relaxing.
Throughout my life, there have been a few memorable people who, to me, have extremely soothing voices: 1) my 8th grade English teacher  2) a massage therapist that came to the office I worked at a few years ago and 3) Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy has a very "valley girl" voice with an, albeit waning, Mexican accent. So, when she says certain things, like the number 3 for example, it sounds like "th'dee." Also, she seriously annunciates her S's which is super silky sounding too.  Her voice is softer and quieter in her earlier videos. I think someone gave her some coaching because now she's much louder and bubblier which isn't quite as enchanting, but I still enjoy her videos for other reasons. To this day, if I'm having a stressful day at work, I'll put on headphones, and stream her old videos as background noise.

This is very weird. I know.

She makes me LOL, but not on purpose.
I can't understand how SNL has not done a spoof of the whole YouTube beauty guru scene. It's seriously hilarious. TONS of girls make weekly videos of all the crap they bought, then demo the outfits or makeup products.

Dulce Candy will do hilarious things like suddenly become out of breath from getting so excited and talking too fast about something new she bought or how much she loves her new foundation. She'll mis-pronounce words or forget how to say "cilantro" in English... (it's still cilantro.) She'll stop talking mid-sentence and stare directly into the camera and say "oh my god, what was that? I think someone's in my house!"

She recently did a "Whats in My Purse" video which was exceptionally hilarious. This is a common beauty guru video topic where they go through every item they keep in their purse. Dulce will do one of these about once a year. And of course, her purse is huge so this video was 13 minutes long. One of my favorite parts  (at the 10:00 minute mark) is where she pulls out her key-chain which is HUGE and contains about 5 different mini antibiotic hand-sanitizers and lip glosses. She goes on to talk about every tchotchke on her key-chain. It's so great. Seriously.

All the Pretty Things!
At the end of the day, I'm a red blooded female who likes pretty things as much as the next chick. And while I might not apply all this to my own lifestyle, I just enjoy watching and looking and admiring.
Her haul videos (aka "look at all the stuff I bought" videos) are just wonderfully glamorous spectacles- a pink and clueless fantasy world I can just drift into for 5-20 minutes.

So, there you have it.

I'll be sure to post about my experience at the meet and greet. It should be great considering I get extremely awkward around "famous" people.

xoxo, smooches, lylas



  1. I am with, I love Dulce and I have been watching her since 2010...Even from when I first starting watching she has truly made a name for herself.

  2. I love her channel so much now...So much better than TV. YT is a great place to speak on just about anything that is important to you. I'm working really hard on my channel as well. I remember a lot of these gurus in the early days like Andrea's Choice, JLovesMac1, Dulce..and they all have come such a long way.