Sunday, March 27, 2011

Looking the Part

Considering how infrequently I cook, it is funny how I've managed to amass a small collection of aprons. For some reason, I just adore them. A special apron makes cooking just a little more fun. Also, it's like wearing a pretty dress, for less. There is something nostalgic about aprons that I really connect with. And even though I am far from the traditional housewife (working 60-70 hours a week, only cooking a full meal approx 2-3 times a month and on the verge of considering hiring a housekeeper for our tiny apartment) I can still tap into my inner "June Clever" whenever I throw one on, even if I'm just pouring a bowl of cereal for dinner.
Here are a few of my favorite ones :)

I picked this one up last summer in a little antique shop in Danville called "The Polka Dot Attic". This place is packed with vintage aprons and I really must exhibit restraint when in this store. I love the initials stitched onto the top "L. Marques" and the overall folky, Mexican feel of it.

You will probably recognize this apron from Anthropologie. It was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law, Nicole. I wore this baking Christmas cookies with girlfriends over the holidays and just loved it! Thanks Nicole!
This next one was another antique store find. I picked this up with my mom up in Washington a couple years ago. I love the fork and spoon design at the bottom and the colors are just so sweet and vintage.

This apron is from Crate and Barrel and was part of my wedding registry. I fell in love with the "kitchy" print and bright colors. I also have matching tea-towels in this same pattern. (pardon the wrinkles!)

This one is my newest addition! I picked it up yesterday at a flower shop of all places where I was looking for a wreath (see next week's post). When I saw this beauty hanging up, I just HAD to have it. It is SO pretty and girly and perfect for spring!!

I finally decided it was time to bring all these out of the linen drawer and hang them up!!

Thanks for stopping by :)