Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Look For Less...

I fell in love with this dress at Anthropologie today. It's $158.00 :( which would just do too much damage to my monthly alloted retail spending to allow for much fun for the rest of the month (not to metion my Halloween costume!)

I know it looks rather simple but it's quite stunning in person! The pleated tweed skirt with pockets, the pin-tucked silk top and embroidered shoulders. I am sad to have to say no to the "Harbingers of Fall" dress

But I haven't given up! I did some research and found a skirt/top combo at forever21 that just might measure up.

The "beaded grecian top" is $24.80 and the "elastic waist linen skirt" is a steal at $15.80!! This is a grand total of $40.60, that is ONEHUNDREDSEVENTEEN dollars LESS!! Now I love owning something special, expensive and luxurious just as the next girl- but not as much I love money in my bank account. Can I get an AMEN!?
How about you? Have you discovered any favorite looks for less??

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lovely Living Room

I picked up this month's issue of House Beautiful Magazine this past weekend. I'm not a big magazine person but when I saw this living room featured on the cover I had to pick it up!! This might be my dream living room (minus the odd art on the wall). I LOVE all the mixed patterns and bright colors!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Unfinished Business

I'm the first to admit that I've been a shameful blogger this summer. Sorry gang. The inspired content isn't flowing the way it used to. But blogging isn't the only thing I've been ignoring. I've also all but given up on several knitting/crocheting projects that I have been "working on" since Christmas! I watched "Julie and Julia" recently and Julie's mom said something to her on the phone that stuck with me- "For God's sake Julie, you gotta finish SOMETHING in your life!" This got me thinking and left me feeling a little dejected regarding all the projects I've never completed... not to mention grad school. In 2006 I started a quilt, sewed all the patches together, and then never completed the back of it. I used it as a Christmas tree skirt last year. My potted plants are not thriving like they once were, so that's a bit of a bust. I cant even finish my laundry in a reasonable amount of time. It always ends up sitting in the dryer for a week before I fold it. So, one day while mulling over my lack of follow through I glanced at my big yarn basket which holds three unfinished projects.
Knitting and crocheting are very sedentary, indoor activities. When you live in a place that is sunny and 85-90 degrees EVERY DAY you dont much feel like cozying up with a ball of yarn on your sofa. However, now that fall is approaching (it's still sunny and 85 by the way)I am more inclined to spend less time doing my summer hobby (tanning) and more time cozying up with all that yarn.
Here is a glance at the projects I am determined to finish before the end of 2010. Let's call it a "3/4 Year Resolution".

My neglected knitting basket bursting with heaps of yarn.

This is a baby blanket for my nephew Benjamin. I originally wanted to finish it in March when he and Kim came up to visit in Philly. Then I thought I'd have it ready for when I saw Benjamin at the Outer Banks for family vacation in July. No dice. Then I thought "His first birthday is in August! A perfect gift!" Didn't happen. So this one is my priority at the moment because at this rate, Benji will be off to college before I finish this thing. And by that time the blanket will have to be 5 times bigger in which case I'd be totally screwed. And while the blanket is looking a little "Jewish prayer clothy" right now, there is no way I am starting over. Maybe I'll add some yellow buttons or something.*

I started this blanked in January. My friend/ex-coworker, Meghan Bierschmitt, taught me this crochet technique and we used to work on our blankets together during our lunch breaks. When I moved to CA it made me a little sad to work on this blanket because I would reminisce and miss Philly. But as soon as I finish Benjamin's blanket, this one is next! I'll put on my big girl pants and crochet! This one is nearly done anyway so it shouldn't take too long.

These bad boys are another result of tutoring under Meghan. Granny squares are a lot of fun to make. I worked on these during my morning commute on the BART train here in CA a few times but, it made me a little nauseous so I stopped. I am not sure what I'll do with all these. Any ideas? I could attach them and make a blanket but I'd have to teach myself how to do that... which will likely result in it not happening at all.

Thanks for your support! If any of you still bother to check and see if I actually posted something- THANKS!!!

*Note: Not that Jewish prayer cloths are bad, it's just that neither I, nor my nephew are Jewish so it wouldn't make sense to make one for him.
** Just remembered something else I haven't finished- mastering Spanish via Rosetta Stone! Mike and I bought it as a Christmas gift for each other last year and neither of us has advanced past Lesson 2.***

***I would just like to say that the reason I have not advanced passed level 2 is NOT because it is too difficult. I minored in Spanish!