Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Look For Less...

I fell in love with this dress at Anthropologie today. It's $158.00 :( which would just do too much damage to my monthly alloted retail spending to allow for much fun for the rest of the month (not to metion my Halloween costume!)

I know it looks rather simple but it's quite stunning in person! The pleated tweed skirt with pockets, the pin-tucked silk top and embroidered shoulders. I am sad to have to say no to the "Harbingers of Fall" dress

But I haven't given up! I did some research and found a skirt/top combo at forever21 that just might measure up.

The "beaded grecian top" is $24.80 and the "elastic waist linen skirt" is a steal at $15.80!! This is a grand total of $40.60, that is ONEHUNDREDSEVENTEEN dollars LESS!! Now I love owning something special, expensive and luxurious just as the next girl- but not as much I love money in my bank account. Can I get an AMEN!?
How about you? Have you discovered any favorite looks for less??

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