Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011, in with a bang.....and a kick and a punch.

I hate to whine, but seriously, my first week of 2011 has been no pleasure cruise. And if this past week is any indication of the year to come, then I'm really in for it.
New Year's Day, the hot water heater goes kaput. Ice cold showers for Mike and no showers at all for me for the next two days (I'd rather be dirty than cold, thank you very much). Then, Monday morning I wake up with my first ever UTI and experience a hectic, greasy haired, uncomfortable Monday at work. Monday night the UTI progresses and I am freaking out, crying, alone (Mike was in Phoenix for work) and don't know what to do. I'm google-ing UTI and start worrying about getting a kidney infection.
I end up at the doctor's Tuesday morning and am able to get in without an appointment. After a urine sample, my UTI is confirmed and I'm put on antibiotics. Great. Every time I go on antibiotics I get a yeast infection, always. I'd rather have a UTI than a yeast infection, hands down. So there I was, sitting at home, using my hard earned PTO to recover from a UTI and brace myself for a yeast infection. I commence the yogurt and cranberry juice diet. yum.
Tuesday evening, my dear friend and co-worker stops by to drop off my work lap-top so I can try to catch up. She let's me know that our department has been assigned a project which essentially gives each of us an additional 80 cases to close over the next two days. On average I close about 40 cases a day without taking a lunch break. So essentially, my workload has doubled. Wednesday and Thursday are 12 hour days for me at the office (including the 1 hour each way commute).
Mike returns from Phoenix Thursday night (he beats me home from work) to a messy apartment which I generally make my best effort to avoid. At 2:30am construction begins on highway 680 which runs just about 100 yards from our apartment. I am kept awake several hours by the sound of mack trucks beeping in reverse and crew men yelling. Construction continues on highway 680 Friday night with several jack hammers and more mack trucks and yelling. It literally sounds like a war-zone outside our bedroom window.
This morning, I drag myself to the gym I joined but really haven't been able to go to since I started my new job, and realize how horribly out shape I am. Yet again. Afterwards, I start to cry at how unfair it is. How after two months of regular exercise, I might see a little progress and start to feel good. But, after a few weeks away, I am worse than when I started.

However, as bad as this week has been, I was hit with some perspective while driving my car this afternoon. I am blessed to have the means and access to medication to recover from my UTI. And I am blessed that I didn't actually get a yeast infection. I am blessed to have a husband who loves me and doesn't mind when I call him at midnight crying because I just dont know what else to do. I am blessed to have a job I enjoy and co-workers that are friends at a company that is thriving. I am blessed that I dont actually live in a war-zone, but instead, a construction site which is imporving the road I drive on every day. I am blessed. So do your worst 2011.

On a side note: What decade do I live in? Why is Forever21 selling this outfit right now? Earth to Forever21, it's 2011 not 1992. Blossom called, she and Six are going to a party and she wants her cool outfit back (including the hat of course). The "Peach Pit"is throwing the party and Brandon and Dylan are going to be there. It's going to be epic.


  1. oh man! I am not sure which is worse - the week you had or that outfit! Glad you are feeling better sans yeast infection! I've got a story about that for you...but not via blogger! :-)

  2. Vitamin C tablets will knock out most UTIs in just a few days. The acidity works wonders combined with lots of water!