Saturday, January 29, 2011

"I Want That"

In order for you all to fully understand/interpret my "I Want That" phrase correctly, please watch the following video clip from Napoleon Dynaminte. This is a scene from Uncle Rico's tupperware sales.

While I don't actually want a model pirate ship. I do seriously pine for these items.

Number 1: A white Le Pliage Longchamp purse. I've been wanting this for quite a long while. I mean, if this isn't the perfect spring/summer purse, I dont know what is. You could easily tie a little ribbon/bow to the handles for a splash of color.

Number 2: Michael Kors, Horn Jet-Set Watch. I've never really wanted a watch before. The only thing I wear around my wrists are hair-ties,(even accidentally left one around my wrist for half my wedding day, whoops!) I think bracelets look great, but I find them cold, clanky and bothersome. Plus, I have crazy tiny wrists and forearms and most bracelets bounce around between by elbow and hand, annoying! But this watch is quite stunning. I mean truly, just look at it. And if I could get it small enough to stay-put on my wrist, well that'd be just heavenly.

Number 3: J Crew, Rainy Day Ballet Flats. Yes, I'll have one in ever color please, thanks.

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