Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Fashion "Do" that I "Don't" (yet!)

I typically don't buy anything that I can't wear the very next day. And in these colder winter months I pretty much dress to be as warm and comfy as possible. But, even in warmer months, I tend to dress as comfortable as possible (whilst looking fabulous of course). I have a lot of cotton tanks, tees and long sleeve crew, v-neck and turtle necks. I also own a TON of cardigans. However, I've been trying to get/wear more "blouses". You know, lady like, grown up "tops" that are silky and breezy and trendy and usually require a special bra. The kind of top that if you take your coat off you know you'll be cold but you take your coat off anyway because it's just too cute to keep hidden. So, I am making a conscious effort to spend my money on tops like this rather than long-sleeve v-neck tee's in grey, black and brown from the Gap. Although I'll probably never be able to resist a good 2 for $25 favorite tee sale.

Two months ago I purchased this top for $24 at H&M per my new resolution to buy more blouses. I fell in love with the print on this top- little blue birds perched on branches, with sprigs of cranberries and yellow and blue flowers. It looked very "Anthropologie" to me.

Isn't it great? The problem is, I haven't worn it yet. Every time I put it on, I feel awkward (not to mention cold). The sleeves are kinda poofy and girly (like the "pirate shirt" on Seinfeld) and it rides up too high on my waist. I think I might have picked up a size too small (2 at H&M). I guess maybe I don't know what size I am in "blouse"? Also, I don't know how to wear it. Do I tuck the cami underneath in? Is white the right color? Grey? Can I wear a long-sleeve under it? The sleeves are too poofy to wear anything over it. It's just cumbersome and I am disappointed. Here are some pics of what it looks like on me. Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks!!

*Note, please disregard the hounds-tooth fold-over yoga pant. Obviously I wouldn't wear those with this top. Obviously. I just picked up these pants today from Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale for $8! Holla!! (I told you I like to wear things right after I buy them, right Ellen?) :)


  1. kels, i gotta love your blog. i missed you posting stuff. You always give me a laugh. we miss you guys tons, but your weather is alot better than ours.

  2. onnie!!! miss and love you guys lots! im making a resolution to post "something" everyweekend. skype today!?

  3. I think this is such a good buy.

    I suggest wearing this with a pale blue or dark grey camisole.:D Try Old Navy, they have nice ones with lace.

    ***** Marie *****