Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our First Christmas

Although it was a little anti-climactic, it was very peaceful. Mike went and got the tree and I decorated it with the help of my friends while we baked Christmas cookies. I didnt go out and buy lots of decorations. I decided I want to let our Christmas tree accumulate decorations over the years as gifts or things our kids make. So this year our tree was a little sparse. But I liked it that way. We received a few "Our First Christmas" ornaments, we picked one up in Antigua on our honeymoon, and a few others we happened to have.

The tree

The honeymoon ornament

A "First Christmas" ornament from Jaime. It was a bell and ended up as the tree topper!

A nativity ornament from Sarah. She said I needed to have a "Chreche" which she explained is a nativity scene (she's so knowledgable).

This was from Mike's co-workers at USLI. It is a Lenox "First Christmas" ornament.

This one is from Mrs. Logan :)

For the tree-skirt, I used a quilt I made a few years ago and never finished. It is green, red, white and brown and looked great as a tree skirt. Now that I've found a new purpose for it I doubt I'll ever get around to adding the back and finishing this quilt!
Next are some pictures Ashley, Jaime, Sarah and I in the kitchen making cookies!

Jaime wore her festive attire :)

In the middle of making sugar cookies I realized I didnt have a rolling pin! I cleverly used a tall pasta jar, covered it in flour and used it to roll out the dough. It worked but a rolling pin would have been much better.

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