Sunday, January 10, 2010


Do it myself? I was on the Anthropologie website ( checking out their knobs since I've been wanting to put new knobs on a couple dressers we have. (Although, with the cheapest ones being $6.00 each, I am not so sure this will be happening soon). ANYWAY- while on the site I came across an adorable hook that I think could easily be made at home.

I have some old silverware that I think I could make this with. I have a hook in my kitchen that I use to hang my aprons on. I imagine it couldn't be too hard to solder (or just super-glue maybe?) the spoons onto it. I think I might do a fork and a spoon instead of two spoons. How CUTE!?


  1. Check out this site for old knobs:

  2. I know I should be telling you to buy that hook, but you could totally make that yourself! You can also bend an old spoon, adhere it to a wooden block and hang it up as a key ring holder.