Friday, January 29, 2010

Obsession of the Moment: Kitchen Linens!

Kitchen linens: fun to say and look at! Linens can add a lot to a room and pack a serious punch. Whether a table cloth, table runner, napkins, placemats, hand towels, tea towels, or even aprons- they are all functional but extremely fashionable as well. My kitchen walls are a lovely shade of beige which coordinate beautifuly with my beige cabinets and beige countertops. I purposely hung my aprons on the wall to add color. I used a tea towel to hang over my tiny window and bright hand towels drape over my fridge handle. Pot holders hang on the side of my cupboards- easy access and fun to look at :)
Here are a few kitchen linens I saw on the internet (thank you yet again) and am currently coveting......

check out some AWESOME tea towels at

Antique stores often have lots of awesome linens in all sorts of vintage prints and colors. I picked up a few great things this past weekend. Pictures coming soon!

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