Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Run

At 8:30 this morning I did my first 20 minute continuous run! I had been doing run/walk intervals before. Running with a stroller is definitely a challenge, but its a good motivator because Timo tends to get fussy when I slow down or stop. Plus it's pretty cool to look at his little face while I run too :)

We took a group photo after our accomplishment this morning and amazingly Timo gave us a congratulatory fist pump! I love this picture. I just know he's saying "Go mommy! I'm proud of you!" 

As I mentioned, I'm "training" for a 5k on October 13. I had wanted to sign up for a 5k this fall even when I was still pregnant as a goal to work towards. I find it easier to run when I have an event to get ready for. We're doing the timed run instead of the non-timed fun run/walk. This way we don't get stuck with our strollers behind walkers. Maneuvering around people with a stroller one handed is a pain. I have two goals for this 5k: 1) to run the whole time, no walking and 2) not be last. ( I couldn't care less about my time even though I'm doing the timed run. That was just to avoid getting stuck behind the lollygaggers doing the fun run/walk :P )

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  1. love the fist pump and the smile from that sweet boy! already teaching him that having a good time means fist pumping! ha