Monday, September 23, 2013


Maybe it's just "Pinspiration" or the fact that Timo is slowly settling into a semi-predictable daytime routine of eat, play, nap- but I've been making dinner more often lately. Last week I cooked twice. First, a sausage pasta dish that was super good. And the  a slow cooker teriyaki chicken dish that was just okay. Tonight I'm making a chicken, potatoe and green bean dinner. All these recipes came from Pinterest, have just a handful of ingredients and are basically one pot meals. I avoid recipes with, what I consider, several ingredients and require multiple dishes. 

Here are some pictures of what I made. (Adding chopped green onion to anything automatically makes it look yummy and fancy. Probably even cereal.)

Hopefully the chicken dish turns out okay tonight! 

I'm currently holding Timo while he sleeps (a habit we both need to break!) and watching the TLC show called "Quints by Surprise." This show always makes me feel better about the craziness and exhaustion I "think" I endure. Can you imagine 5!?!? I'm thankful for my one sweet boy who is so good and pretty darn easy on the scale of difficult babies. 

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