Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Timo Tuesdays

To avoid inundating this blog with all things Timo, I'm creating "Timo Tuesdays" for gushing about my sweet baby boy. Seriously, this guy is adorable and awesome and  I could gab and post pics of him every day. But, I want to keep this blog as my little corner and personal outlet so I can somewhat maintain my "identity" or "personality" or "individuality" or "coolness" (or lack there of) or whatever. (I'm thinking about doing a post about the identity crisis of being a new mom or something along those lines.)

ANYWAY! Lets celebrate Timo Tuesday!

Guys. He's so sweet and smiley. He melts me. I surprise myself at how he can light me up with his smile even when I'm at my most tired. It's rejuvenating. He's just barely starting to giggle a little bit which I try to encourage with ridiculous antics. He will hang out on his play mat and kick vigorously for about 20 minutes while I shower or eat or play stupid Candy Crush (raise your hand ifs you hate quests!)  He also likes his bouncy chair where he can sit and observe the room, look out the window or  look at the tv (I say "look" as opposed to "watch" because he's too little to watch and watching tv "isn't good for babies" so he just looks.) I put on the Disney channel and sing the songs to him. I read books to him until he's ready for a nap. He's my sweet baby boy! 

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