Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Pot Roast

As mentioned, I've been feeling compelled to make a pot roast. It's pretty much the mother of all suburban house wife meals. Why not start at the top? Our first week home from the honeymoon we've eaten at Mike's parents' house twice and had frozen pizza once...and its Thursday. Tonight we have pot roast!
Last night I "prepped". I scrubbed and diced a few potatoes, put them in a bowl and placed them in the fridge for the next day. I also set the meat out to thaw in the fridge, hoping it would be ready to cook this morning. At 6:00am this morning, Mike found the roast still frozen solid so he took it upon himself to set it out on the counter. Nice move Logan! He asked me why I didnt just set it out on the counter in the first place. I retorted with a very experienced and domestic response, "It's better for things to thaw in the fridge, because of germs and bacteria and stuff."
I came home today at lunch to put my thawed hunk of meat into the crock pot! Very exciting! I found the meat to still be just a little stiff. I put it in the microwave to defrost for 3 minutes. I have learned that 3 minutes of defrosting frozen meat is about as useful as three minutes of breathing on frozen meat. But I was pressed for time since I was on my lunch hour so I decided to just go with it as is. The directions on my packet of seasoning said to trim the fat. I didnt see any fat but when I turned it over.... a whole friggin slab of fat! Ugh, so now I had to trim this bad boy up. Unfortunately I didnt get the butcher block or knife set off my wedding registry. So my choices were butt loads of butter knives or a giant butcher knife that came with a cutting board or some pan I got. I went with the butcher knife....

And OF COURSE I cut myself...

And got blood on the potatoes...

but it ended up smelling and tasting delicious and therfore devoured by Mike and I and our neighbor, Pat :)

All in all, my first pot roast was a great success!


  1. hahahha best post yet! i laughed so hard. and i love the play by play photos. well done my friend. well done

  2. You make me laugh! I am glad it turned out well. To be completely honest, I have never attempted a pot roast. You will have to teach me the ropes some time!