Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deep Thoughts....

Note: I'm about 60% silly, 40% serious (give or take about 20% based on the weather, song playing, room temperature, the meal I previously ate, who I am with, comfort level of my shoes, the dream I had last night, etc.....) This entry is a little more serious than silly. Also, this has nothing to do with being a wife. It's just some thoughts I had. okay bye!

I love beautiful and lovely things. My affection for pretty things is problematic at times (shopping) but generally harmless because I'm not just referring to things I can buy. Whether its a tea towel, an eye shadow pallete, a sun lit tree or a baby- I could spend hours "just looking" (men refer to it all as shopping). I really enjoy and appreciate watching, observing and taking in beauty. Miss Sarah Thompson, a very beautiful friend of mine (she radiates you know), taught me a lot about beauty, where to find it and how to appreciate it. It used to annoy me in college when she'd scream/sing "This day is so beautifully glorioooooous!" But I get it now. Although, I might not express my sentiments the same way, Sarah helped me to see beautiful things all around me. Whether in nature, art or daily life.
There is a scene in the movie American Beauty where one of the characters is watching a plastic bag blow to and frow in the wind. He finds it beautiful and takes time to watch it dance in the breeze. The scene probably had some other important significance to the movie; but I like it for what it is. Beautiful. Taking time to pause, observe and experience the small beautiful wonders in life is important. I believe God speaks to us in these ways. At least for me, it's how he shows me he's there. Beauty is from God even if it's a painting by an atheist or a song by a heroine addict. Their talent come from God whether they choose to acknowedge it or not and I am free in Christ to appreciate it as such. (just my 2 cents for all those Christians out there who reject "secular" art)
One night last winter I came home late and it was snowing. I parked my car, got out and stood silently. I listened to the sound of snow softly falling all around me. It was a beautiful, worshipful moment. This morning when I got into my car to go to church I noticed how brightly lit the golden, autumn trees were. I stopped and took a picture with my cell phone. (although it did zero justice to the scenery).
I dont really have a point to all this other than Sunday, October 25 was an incredably beautiful day here in the Philadelphia area. It was fall in all it's glory and now I know God just at tiny bit more because of it.

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