Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Timo Tuesdays

Timo had his 3 month birthday last week on October 4th! He's so smiley and just barely almost giggling. He's getting better at tummy time and still enjoying his Bumbo. We stay busy meeting friends at the park and going to play dates. His favorite thing to do besides eat is kick! He kicks and kicks and kicks his legs so hard he scoots himself across the floor and his crib. When getting his diaper changed, he kicks so hard he shakes the table. Sometimes he flings both his feet out at the same time in a flailing full body launch. He cracks me up! 
He also drools a lot! He smiles with a bubbly cooing mouth full of spit, it's more adorable than it sounds I promise. I put a bib on him most of the time so he doesn't spend the day in a soaking wet shirt. 

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