Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Since becoming a mom three months ago there have been some obvious major changes in my life. However there have also been some relatively minor yet odd/unexpected changes to my daily life, routine and personality-  most notably the following:

-I wear black leggings almost every day. I now have designated "at home" leggings and "fancy" leggings. The main difference being that my "fancy" pairs are less see-through. Also I now understand "mom jeans." When you're constantly on the floor and bending over, you need something high waisted that won't expose your crack all the time. 

-My criteria for putting something in the laundry isn't whether or not its been spit up on- but if it "smells" like it's been spit up on. If the answer is "sorta" I can probably get another day out of it.

- I can't remember the last time I blow dried my hair.

- My nails have never been longer or stronger, they look great! But I don't dare paint them because surely I'll have to pick up Timo the instant I finish and ruin them.

- EVERYTHING is annoyingly loud because it might wake up the baby: the microwave, opening and closing any door, walking in shoes, flushing the toilet, the sink, cars driving by, the mail man, coughing and sneezing, the sound of a fork hitting a plate when eating. Food wrappers are the worst. I've relocated to my bedroom with the door closed to unwrap a granola bar. I've also hidden in the pantry to open and eat a bag of chips for fear of waking Timothy up from a hard earned nap. (And by "hard earned nap" I mean, his nap is something I worked hard for ....and I reward myself with chips in the closet) 

- Friday has lost all it's special appeal. I don't care what day of the week it is anymore since I don't really get a weekend anyway.

- 9:00 pm is late 

- 6:00 am isn't that early

- I forget to brush my teeth in the morning.... A lot.

- and, just like everyone told me, it's all so worth it :)

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