Monday, June 17, 2013

37 Weeks/To Do List

Yesterday is a day I had marked on my calendar. Full Term! 37 weeks. This baby could be born any day now. I'm wrapping up my last week of work before maternity leave* and spending my days in the office finishing up projects.....and blogging and surfing the web for great freezer meal ideas and other last minute things I need to do before the big arrival.

The doctors have been saying the last few weeks that our buddy is head down and very low. Very very low. That, plus very frequent Braxton Hicks contractions, points to a "sooner rather than later" delivery. I planned on 2 weeks at home to relax/get everything ready (#nesting) before the due date but now wondering if I'll get those full two weeks.

Here are the things I hope to accomplish in the next two weeks/before baby arrives:

1. Send out Thank You's for baby shower #2
2. Make several "freezer meals" to have on hand
3. Organize computer desk drawer/cabinet area
4. Transfer family and friends' mailing addresses from notebook onto computer (Google Contacts? looking for suggestions!)
5. Make "Baby Mix" CD (stay tuned for blog post on this topic)
6. Blog (duh)
7. Clean

I'll also go for walks, read books and visit/sneak into pools of friends' residential communities. I'm a little concerned about getting bored so any other ideas are welcome! I don't want to end up on the couch watching "Say Yes to the Dress" re-runs all day....or do I?

I saw this poem today and it made me smile.
If I start writing sentimental emotional things like this myself I'll start crying and will be done for. Keep in mind I'm still at work so I need to keep it together. So, for now, I'll just say that I can't wait to meet you buddy! You're my treasure.

...and I'm toast... #hormones

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  1. Dear KJ, a couple of TV ideas, in case you get bored.
    Chasing Classic Cars
    Fast N' Loud
    NHRA Drag Racing ( weekends )
    Breaking Bad