Friday, August 16, 2013

Timothy William Logan

He's here!
Say hello to Timothy William Logan!!

How do I begin to capture the last 6 weeks? I've been delaying blogging because I truly don't know where to begin. For the sake of just getting something down, I'll be sharing bulleted phrases:

- Born on the 4th of July!
- Very fast labor and deliver!
- Am I just saying this because I'm his mom? Or is he truly the cutest newborn ever? No puffiness or pointy head, just perfectly handsome.
- Heroic visits from grandparents (Spoons took a day-of red-eye flight for a 24 hour visit. My parents drove 15 hours due to canceled flights from a crash at SFO)
- My husband is my hero (seriously.)
- Post delivery recovery: whoa. the epidural tricks your brain into thinking your body has done nothing. then the your body catches up... quickly. wowza! people should really tell you these things ahead of time. 
- Breastfeeding: ouch. like whoa. then it gets better...
- Goodbye sleep!
- Love visitors! Thanks for the time and food and help and everything!
- Poop!
- Nicknames: Butter-nut Squirts, Mr. Mustard Pesto, Timo, Professor Wiggles, Wiggly Piglet, Buddy Bear, Buster Muffin, Bunny, T-dubs, T-Spoons, Baby Spoons,
- Timothy is awesome. He's just so so awesome. It's amazing to see him growing and changing already. I love him so much!

I hope to blog again soon about how we spend our days and some of our outings and of course new mom musings.

PS- I made a total of ZERO freezer meals ahead of time as planned (see previous blog post). So extra huge thanks to my friends and mom who brought over and made meals for us!

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