Monday, November 9, 2009


Some people love to sweat, love the burn, love the way they feel after a run. I don't like any of those things. I love to sleep, love to eat and love the way I feel when I lay down. And even though I don't really look like that is the case- it's true. I completely and utterly take my body, its metabolism and genetics, for granted. I am 100% unmotivated to work out because, in all honesty, I look the same whether I do or not. Some people argue "but you just feel so much better when you exercise regularly......" but I just say to myself "yea. sure. whatever you need to tell yourself to get you to the gym"
I know that being physically fit is more than just about looking good, its about being heart healthy, strong and robust for life. But, for some reason, that just hasn't been much of a priority to me, it still isn't. Why do I need to be able to run far? In case someone is chasing me? Why do I need to be able to lift 50 lbs? In case I'm trapped under something heavy? Why do I need to be able to touch my toes? Is there a special treat down there for me? No. I've tried just about everything to make exercising fun or at least important to me so I stay motivated. But in the end, its slippers over sneakers.
The funny thing is though, when I go out dancing with my friends I get really sweaty and I have an awesome time. And it's not because of the a-a-a-a-alcohol (that was for you Mr. Tim), it's because I love dancing and I'm not embarrassed to throw myself around on the dance floor. I am jumping and shaking and flailing and kicking and bouncing and pumping all night long. The next day I am sore all over and laugh about how fun it was.
Almost a year ago I heard of this thing called Zumba. A friend of mine brought her Zumba DVDs to our annual new year's eve weekend but the cabin's DVD player was broken so we didn't do it. She kept going on about how its a fun Latin dance workout. Now, I LOVE all things Latino (more on that in a future blog post I'm sure). Then, for some reason within the last month it's crept back into my mind. On Thursday I looked up where there might be a class nearby just to try out. On Friday, I was in a class.
The hour went by in a flash (I even stayed an extra 15 minutes just because I WANTED to work out LONGER!). The music was loud and fun (M.I.A) and the moves were easy but cool. But above all it was enjoyable, I was sweaty after class, sore the next day AND I want to do it again! Ladies and gentlemen, I think I've found a winner!
Zumba is a Latin-fusion-cardio-dance workout. It's fun, fast, and freakin' awesome. Cant wait for next week's class where we are learning the Paso Doble...I think that's what the Brazillian instructor said, she's a little hard to understand.

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