Thursday, November 5, 2009


I bounce back and forth between two moods of shopping 1) clothes 2) home. I remember when I was young and my mom would take me to the store and we'd inevitably end up looking at curtains- I hated it and could care less. But my mom always said "you just wait until you have your own home missy, you'll be looking at all this stuff". Dear Mom, lets go curtain shopping; and furniture and wall hanging and area rug and patio and...... do all those things that Mike likes to refer to as "nesting".
This weekend I have some lofty nesting goals. There is a piece of furniture in Mike's old bedroom I want to bring over to the apartment. It's a little dresser made by his grandfather. I'll post pictures when it's all set up. I also want to frame some family heirloom pillowcases that are embroidered and put more things up on the walls. I've got some ideas brewing thanks to inspiration from and
Hopefully I'll have some fun photos for my two followers to look at after the weekend! Hey guys!
ps- check out this bed. isn't it neat!?

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