Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Shoe Splurge Story

I'd like to start off by apologizing to Shannon Schreiber as she is on a shoe-fast for 2011...dang. you go girl.

I am not a "shoe fanatic" really. I own probably....30 pairs? But when I am out and about, I rarely come home with shoes. Mostly because everything I like is too uncomfortable..  (can anyone recommend a nude patten-leather pump that doesn't feel like wearing an ice-cube tray?)...or expensive.

But, last weekend I was out in Danville with my mom and grandma when I came across a pair of Toms. I'd been jonesin' for some Toms for quite a while but haven't been pushed over edge yet due to the $50 price tag. However, TOMS are pretty cool in that for every pair that is purchased, a pair is donated to a child without shoes in a 3rd world country. Pretty neat and worth the $50 when you think about it.
So on this day, after some time in the sun, my legs were slightly bronzed and after trying on a pair of Toms in "natural".... it was time to take the plunge.

Then, in the same store, I came across a darling pair of shoes. They looked like a boat-shoe/espadrille/ballet-flat. So much cuteness packed into one shoe, it could only be by one man- Michael Kors. I was shocked at the price tag. Not by how expensive, but how IN-expensive, $60!!!
I was torn. Surely I can't buy BOTH pairs. They're practically the same color (while very different styles) I don't NEED both and don't want to be a spoiled rotten American consumer..... (I've been living in San Fran for a year, can you tell?) With some encouragement from mom and grandma "just do it kels" "you deserve it" "you work hard, go for it". I went home with both pairs. The End.

Oh. and I don't feel guilty. Because I do work hard. DAMN hard! America! :)

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