Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cardigans, Clogs and Clutches- An Evolution of Personal Style...(I Guess)

I was never much of a "girlie girl". As a kid I played with dolls and barbies but also played sports and climbed trees with boys. I wore whatever my mom bought me which was often a "s'prise" waiting for me on my bed after school. When I was a teen, I was a little more high maintenance I guess, but nothing outrageous. Any makeup I had was just stuff my mom got tired of using and passed on to me. I liked to get my clothes from American Eagle (like every teen did in the late 90's early 00's) and loved looking through Dehlia's magazie but wasn't really obsessed and never actually begged my mom long enough to end up ordering anything. In college, fashion-wise, I was all about the holey jeans*, cool t-shirts from salvation army, clogs, and trucker hats. (thanks for that, Ashton Kutcher). Of course it was fun to dress up for special events with my roommates but that was a once in a while activity. But in general, style-wise, college was a contest to see who could look the best while looking like they cared the least. Then came "career Kelsey" when I was suddenly forced to shed the clogs and jeans for pumps and pencil skirts. Not an easy transition when you're used to dressing for comfort. One day I was poked fun at by my boss at my first job for wearing 5 different shades of brown- khaki pants, beige cami, brown cardigan and brown shoes (cheap suede loafer wedges that were different shades of brown from one another-oops). I've improved since then, but I still typically dress for comfort and avoid wearing high heeled shoes, especially since I commute into the city now.
However, since moving to California I have acquired a taste for some very girlie things. First, I was unemployed for a month during which I played "real housewives and of Danville" aka "bored housewives of Danville". I learned that a $12 pedicure is a lovely and cheap pick-me-up and it's so pleasant to have a decent set of nails. Since then, I've upgraded to getting shelack nails which is between acrylic and basic paint. It's strange even knowing that. Since then I've become employed with an organization where I work with and serve a primarally low-income, urban population which I love. However, there are times when I need to escape the "street" and I head to the glorious Bloomingdales right next door. Just the smell of the perfume and leather handbags is like being in a spa. A few months ago I bought a JPK Paris tote as a "congratulations to me for getting a job" gift. A few weeks ago I purchased a canvas Michael Kors tote. (On sale for $80! Are you kidding? How am I supposed to ignore and walk away from that?). I have my eye on a Tory Burch wristlet (not to mention those black leather ballet flats with the gold medalllion- dont get me started!). I'm also perusing the market for a large Longchamp tote, although I am undecided on the color. I have a small black one which I adore (thank you Ellen and Nicole!). And a special shout out to Ellen for getting me my first legit designer bag- a Coach clutch. I'm ammounting a small collection of purses, totes, clutches and wallets these days. I dont need designer jeans, high end make up or name brand shoes- but I wont carry a cheap purse. Where did this come from? I blame California.

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