Friday, June 4, 2010

Funny Girl

So I recently discovered that an old friend of mine, Heather Adams, is currently living the dream and doing stand-up comedy. She's doing gigs in southern cali and I am so thrilled for her, proud of her and inspired by her! One of her recent gigs was posted on
take a look!
(Sorry, I can't figure out how to friggin' hyperlink! Just copy and paste it. It's worth it, I swear)
We keep in touch via facebook and I was so excited to see her status about a gig! I could only assume it was stand-up since I know personally how outrageously hilarious she is and that she doesn't sing or play any instruments. I left a comment asking for confirmation on the comedic nature of said "gig" and she wrote back this: KELSEY!! You gotta do stand up, you are hilarious, you were my comedic shaman in Carlisle. Without you I never would have filmed my first improv film, Chubby Lovin' or known about Spinal Tap and Drop Dead Gorgeous. FIND AN OPEN MIC STAT!
WOW! I am so pumped by that! I've made lame attempts at doing "bits" before in front of people but it's super awkward, I have ZERO stage training. I really want to take some kind of improv class- I've been thinking about it for a while. But I really think I am better at writing and coming up with material than I am at performing it. Oh well, maybe writing will be my gateway to performing?
I've been told I'm "funny for a girl" by guys and my parents think I am absolutely hilarious. My friends laugh AT me as much as they do at my jokes. I've had a lot of inspriation in my life to be funny. Heather is definitely in the top 3.

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