Monday, May 3, 2010

San Francisco Farmer's Market

Last weekend I spent my Saturday in the city with my new friend Miss Carrie Springman. I took the train to Embarcadero station and walked 2 blocks to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. It was a perfectly beautiful day. While I waited for Carrie I sat at the edge of the market and watched a pleasant little protest/parade stroll by. It was an anti-rape* demonstration and they had posters with clever slogans that said things like "Don't rape! Masturbate!"
Anyway, it was a beautiful day! Carrie and I finally found each other and she showed me around to all the wonderful stands and shops and vendors.
Can you believe the size of these hanging baskets!? My grandmother would adore these!

*(note: the pro-rape crowd was nowhere to be seen but likely planning some kind of retaliatory demonstration. ladies, pack your tazers!)


  1. Those flowers are nice and I love farmer's markets too.:D

    That slogan is kinda clever.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. i want to go to san francisco again SOOO bad!!!! were trying to book a trip out there for this summer. is that where you live?

  3. hi Katy!
    yes we live just 40 min outside san fran in a town called danville :)
    let me know if you come out, it'd be so neat to meet up!