Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! (and Mike......but mostly Me)

I was just saying to Mike the other day that sometime down the pike I'd like to get a new camera so I can have better quality pictures on my blog. I visit other blogs frequently and wonder how these people get such great photos of their own house, crafts, food, family, etc. So I am SUPER pumped that "down the pike" is NOW!
The ever generous and thoughtful Mr. & Mrs. Logan Sr. have birthday-gifted Mike and I with an AMAZING new camera! A Nikon D3000! I don't know jack diddly about photography so I am a little intimidated by this fancy piece of equipment. But, with my pending unemployment, I am sure to have plenty of time to play and learn.

Lot's to do in the next few weeks: packing, shipping, loading, closing, opening, moving, hugging, crying, unloading, job searching and picture taking :)

PS- Get ready for tons of great (amateur) pictures of my knitting, crocheting, new apartment decorating and Danville, CA!! Thank you Tim and Ellen! You won't be disappointed :)

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  1. wahoo! That camera is aweosme! You need to check out Pioneer Woman She has tons of photogrphy (and cooking, homeschooling, living and a great love story worth reading) advice! A lot of her techniques are using adobe photoshop, but her raw photo taking talent is pretty awesome too! Enjoy your new camera!