Friday, February 19, 2010


It is a sunny winter day with mounds of snow all over the ground. I left my sunglasses on my dresser this morning and regretted doing so the moment I turned the corner in my car. I made it to work this morning with a crease in my forehead from squinting. I had the visor down and my hand shielding my eyes but I still managed a small head ache during my 15 minute commute.
I was at work for about 2 hours before I had to leave for a doctors appointment. I braced myself for the blinding light of the outdoors again. Ten minutes into my driving and fed up with the squinting and hand shielding- I decided to start rummaging through my car to find ANYTHING to help. I opened up my center console and found remnants from my days in the tanning salon: orange-mango tan accelerating lotion and goggles. SCORE!! Although I had zero peripheral vision (who needs that while driving anyway?) I had sweet relief for my eyes!! I continued to my doctor's appointment driving down Lancaster Avenue like this:

I laughed at myself quite a bit. When I got back to my office I wrote a quick scene for the show Modern Family. If you watch the show- don't you think this would work perfectly!? I need to contact the writers immediately with this gem!

Scene: Modern Family
Dad is forced to drive his teenage daughters car. Its full of crap: food, cd’s, gadgets, books, papers…
The sun is super bright and he is squinting, pulls the visor down, holds his hand over his eyes. He begins to search through the car while distractedly driving to look for relief for his eyes. He comes across a pair of goggle like things in the glove box next to a bottle of lotion…. They are tanning goggles. He puts these on while he drives. Turns on the radio, rolls down the windows and blasts some top 40 hip-hop hit. He assumes they are some cool new type of sunglasses and keeps them on while he gets out of the car and runs errands around town. He bumps into one of his daughters friends...

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