Monday, December 28, 2009

Alright, alright, alright

Alright already I'll post something! Its been over a month since my last post and although I was sick and then it was Christmas time....the show must go on! The fans have spoken (Ellen) and they want more! So, I am posting some pics of a few updates to the apartment. Enjoy!

This is the AWESOME new rug we got from our friend and neighbor and mike's coworker, Pat. He has a very similar styled mat in the back of his SUV that I always comment on. When he found this rug in his basement while he was moving- he decided it belonged to someone who will truly appreciate it. ME!!! Someday I'd like to hang it up with a large wooden rod on a wall, like a tapestry. I love the Moroccan pattern and bold colors, definitely a focal point of the room. Here is another shot of it.

Next up is a photo from our dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Logan Senior. Mike and I invited them over for pulled bbq pork sandwiches, cornbread and garlic butter greenbeans (which were a bit al dente!)

Probably the best part about the evening though, was that we answered the door dressed in our finest and "most expensive" attire.

Tim and Ellen were only slightly underdressed for the occassion. So, Mike and I changed into our street clothes in order to make them feel more comfortable. haha!

In early November, Sarah and Ashley came over. We cooked a meal together and then went to see a screening of a movie my church was showing called "Call and Response"
The meal we made was an apple and dijon mustard chicken dish, cornbread (I make that a lot) and asparagus. We had fun in the kitchen together and the meal was great!

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